2010 Dancer Couple Scroll of Honour

Barbara and Guy Tryssenaar

Barbara and Guy were presented with their Scroll of Honour Award
at the Western Jamboree Gala, February 26, 2011

Barbara & Guy Tryssenaar have been dancing for a number of years, are members of several clubs, and have served on club executives in many capacities.

They have also been active in many other capacities outside of their clubs, including the following. Barbara and Guy:

  • have worked on the Administration Committee for Convention 2000 and dutifully put in many hours looking after selling souvenirs at the Convention.
  • were members of the Diamond Country Dancers, a group that performed demos at various locations to help create square dance awareness, and they faithfully danced when requested at many of these demonstrations as well as attended the group's practice sessions.
  • were instrumental in getting the word out about Festival 2005 where they served as co-chairs of the Publicity Committee.
  • have served as Directors of the Fraser Valley Association for a number of years and as such carried out their duties faithfully, duties which included making regular visits to clubs under their wings, as well as attending executive meetings and general meetings of the Fraser Valley Association and giving reports.

Presently, they are Vice-President Couple of the Fraser Valley Association and in this capacity have faithfully attended the meetings of the Caller/Teachers Association.  As well, for several years they have been the Chair couple of the Gala Committee.


Write-up provided by Bea Maudsley, Scroll of Honour Award Committee Chair